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8 Tips To Keep Clients Happy by Lisa Kroese / Small Business Opportunities Magazine

8 Tips To Keep Clients Happy

keep clients happy

Keep clients happy with these eight tips from a pro.
By Lisa Kroese

Small business owners in service related industries will stand out with hands on client communication. Keeping clients happy is easier with a simple policies. Happy clients will be your best source of new leads and a few simple steps can maximize the word of mouth return and goodwill you can get from each new lead.

Pre Meeting – prepare industry specific tips; email them after your initial conversation. Sending a FAQs sheet, guidelines or tip sheet with your company information will ensure you get the client’s contact info and establishes you as resource.Consultation

Confirmation – whether you visit the client or they come to you, reach out to confirm. Do this the day of the event, either in the morning an hour before the consult.

Say Thank You – after meeting the client, send a thank you for either meeting with you or for getting the job. Hand written notes or a letter on letterhead will stand out, especially if you are competing with others for the job.

Contract – Review each point of your agreement with the client instead of just giving them the cost and having them sign. Many clients won’t ask for a detailed description of what is in the contract, but explaining contract provisions can save a lot of headaches and potential complaints if anything goes wrong.

Starting Conversation – Let your clients know who will be there to start, when and what actions are being taken.

Stay in Control – whenever an issue comes up, contact the clients immediately. If there is something not being upheld, figure out the solution to get back on track. Sometimes it is the client getting off track, remind them of what they agreed to at your contract review.

Updates – create a schedule, will you give the client a daily review or weekly summary? Stick to your schedule and keep them posted on the status. Inform your client when their final work is complete and when their invoice or settlement is in the mail.

Conversion – ask for testimonials. Ask if they will serve as a reference. This is a great time to make sure they were happy with the job, if they don’t feel they could give you a five star review, ask why so you can address it. Fix it if you can, or let them know if you changed policies or procedures so that other clients don’t have the same frustration in the future.

About the Author
Lisa Kroese owns and operates Expert Estates LLC and She is an estate liquidator and appraiser in California and she has appraised and helped sell millions of dollars worth of personal property. Lisa provides estate liquidators nationwide with start up consulting, coaching and other support services. Her book, “The Estate Sale Start Up Kit” is available on Amazon. She also blogs at

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