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Who Keeps Moving The Social Media Neighborhood?

Instead of creating all these different social media hubs, how about streamlining and keeping them in one centralized place?

We met Periscope recently, and today we had a realization about the new kid currently taking over the (social media) neighborhood.

Every day it becomes more exhausting having to drive to different neighborhoods, just for everyone to showoff the same things. Can’t we just decide one central location for us to all meet? #TweetThat

Apparently not, because more and more kids (i.e. Periscope) keep moving into town like, yesterday, and we’re just not keeping up with who is coming and going.

Which is why we’re starting to feel as if we’re running out after not just someone, but everyone, reminding them they forgot their lunch….

But by the time lunchtime rolls around, everyone has moved on to eating dinner…

At the new Cook-Out that just opened. In the neighboring adjacent town.


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