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TUNE-IN: Lisa Kroese / Savvy Central Radio / iHeart Radio / December 18, 2015

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Lisa Kroese – Mompreneur shares her secrets of running a successful multiple 6 figure Estate Liquidators business.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 11.32.29 AMExpert Estates’ owner, Lisa Kroese, has over 17 years of personal property appraisal experience. She quickly determines and highlights the best objects for sale in your estate.

Shortly after moving to Tehacahpi, California from the east coast, Lisa opened Expert Estates so that she could help people by offering the best estate sale and appraisal services to her clients in and around Southern and Central California. Her husband, Steve, works as aerospace software engineer in Mojave, California for Scaled Composites. The Kroese family came to California so that Steve could work on spaceship software, it’s his dream job. They have two daughters.

As an estate seller, Lisa combines her passion for researching and preserving heirlooms with her passion for helping people and solving problems.

Lisa’s current and past California estate liquidation clients include the Estate of Elaine and Jack Palance; Dr. Birds; Don Hall, the founder of Don Hall Jewelers; Nancy Halls’ Fond Memories; and the owner of Denny Refrigeration Company. Her appraisal clients include art collectors on ArtNews’ list of Top 200 Collectors, the Estate of Gianni Versace, and the Lowe Art Museum.

Early in her career, Lisa worked for one of the country’s oldest auction houses. Her fine art services firm in South Florida was a authorized seller. She has a degree in fine art from The Maryland Institute, College of Art.

Lisa is a seasoned event organizer. She handles estate sale crowds and unexpected emergencies quickly and gracefully.

Call Lisa for free advice about your liquidation or appraisal: 661-474-7201.


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