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CHRIS DESSI / Keynote Speaker / 8th Annual 2016 NEXT LEVEL CONFERENCE / January 29, 2016

We are excited to announce our client
CHRIS DESSI is speaking at the 8th Annual NEXT LEVEL CONFERENCE
January 29, 2016!

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January 29, 2016
Newark, NJ
8:00am – 9:00pm
*Details here.



CHRIS DESSIAuthor, Speaker & CEO. @Inc contributor. Personal Branding Expert.

Chris DessiAn award winning digital thinker, author, television & radio commentator, public speaker and educator, Chris Dessi is the CEO and Founder of Silverback Social. Silverback is an award winning digital marketing agency.

Chris’ savvy marketing acumen has propelled his personality into the national media landscape. He regularly appears on CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, Good Day New York, & FOX BUSINESS’s Varney & Co.

He has lectured to the United States Marines aboard the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum. Chris is a contributor on

Chris is also the author of three books. In 2012, Chris was selected by the Business Council of Westchester’s 40 Under 40 for exemplifying leadership, foresight and a vision for the future of Westchester County, where he currently resides with his wife Laura and two daughters Talia & Olivia.
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WHY ATTEND? The Next Level Conference is the premier business conference in the Tri-State Area!

Join us for a day of learning, collaboration, networking and inspiration while learning the skills to run a more successful and profitable business.


  • You’ll learn new and innovative ways to take your business to the next level in 2016
  • We’ll teach you how to grow your business for higher profits
  • It’s an opportunity to learn from world class speakers and entrepreneurs
  • You get to network with amazing people who can help you grow your business
  • You’ll leave the conference with a refreshed perspective and positive outlook so you can have your best year yet!
  • Conference attendees recieve special offers!


Track 1 Workshops: A Journey of Innovation 

Start with the End in Mind: Does the concept of selling your business on the very first day you open sound strange to you? If it doesn’t, you’re an innovator. Running your business as if you are going to sell it tomorrow is one of the most innovative ways to grow a stable and profitable business.

Innovation gets customers in the door: We live in a world of micro moments. Every huge life event, every day to day instant, and every part of a consumer’s journey can be mapped out and used as a way to drive marketing innovation. Use this notion to bring those with need right to your door.

Creating a Culture of Innovation: Imagine the power of a company full of innovators. Finding the right people is hard enough, but developing a total culture of innovation is a much more difficult task. Learn to create a company culture that thrives on innovation and grows your business exponentially in the process.

Track 2 Workshops: Accelerated Growth Innovation 

Reinvention through Innovation: Innovators know when things need to change and when it’s time to correct the course or switch gears. Learn to identify the signals and take appropriate action to maximize the profitable output of your company.

Innovative Prospecting: As much as we’d like to believe it or not, not everyone needs our products and services. Innovators know that the right prospects equal the right profits. Learn to identify cornerstone traits that your most valuable prospects possess and how you can develop ways to make the most of the perfect customer.

Innovative Management Techniques: Management techniques such as Six Sigma and Lean Startup are time tested methods of creating efficiencies within a business. Learn to look at these methods through an innovator’s lens and see how they can grow your business just as they have millions of others.

Track 3 Workshops: Innovation – The End Game

Innovative Exit Strategies: What every business needs to know about growing for the future. At some point every business owner needs to exercise an exit strategy. Whether it’s going public, selling, or a succession strategy for a family business, exiting is inevitable. Learn to exit like an innovator. The innovator’s mindset helps you maximize your value so you can get what you deserve and exit on your terms.

Innovative Relationship Building: There are numerous ways to find potential customers but only innovators look to maximize connection with everyone they touch. Learn innovative ways to find the right customers and maximize every connection.

The Innovator Has Left the Building: We all know the value of any business is much lower when the leader is no longer there. This is a common problem that requires innovative solutions. Learn to develop a team that can fly solo without you when you’re no longer there.

Interested in becoming the innovator you know you can be? Interested in taking your business to the next level?




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