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Happy to announce our client DON LEVY, Keynote Speaker, at 2016 Ticketing Technology Forum 2016 in Dublin, Ireland, April 27-28, 2016!


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WHEN: 09.00 am
TOPIC: Marketing Entertainment & Entertainment Marketing

The dynamic and budgets of entertainment marketing have always been a little different from more traditional consumer products, but as the world moves towards a creative economy – where products and services are made to engage and delight – entertainment is part of the design. This presentation brings up- to-date information and an entire career inside the marketing departments of major studios to explore the state-of-the-art.

• Address the latest trends in entertainment marketing;
• Bridge entertainment and consumer product marketing;
• Explore some historical examples to reveal changes;
• How to apply entertainment marketing to other consumer products.

Don ‘Digital Wizard’ Levy, former SVP Marketing & Communications, Sony Pictures & President/Cultivator, Smith Brook Farm (Los Angeles), USA


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