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Our client AMANDA READY, Speaking @ The Festival of Doers 2017!

We are excited for our client AMANDA READY to be speaking at the upcoming Festival of Doers, January 27th, 2017 in London!

Whilst there are various events that aim to support women’s corporate journeys, we feel that there is a gap in finding events that support and showcase women who want to live their passion and make an impact whilst balancing their overall lifestyle. This is why we are creating an event called Festival of Doers’.

The festival, which is sponsored by NatWest, will empower women to help create their own success.  
Women need a forum where they can take control of their own destiny and not simply rely on their environment to change for them.

We all want to get inspired, but it’s much harder to turn those ideas into reality.  Turning ideas into action is in the heart of DrivenWoman and with the help of our volunteer ‘Doers’ attendees will be able to make the first small step towards their dreams and commit to the ideas they get during the day.


The day consists of inspiring speakers, transformative workshops and will end with a ‘have it all’ panel with women who have done amazing things and defined success on their own terms.

Speakers are women doing work they are passionate about, including Geraldine De Meur, co-founder of LeWeb, a top 50 tech influencer and investor; Danusia Malina-Derben a serial entrepreneur and C-suite consultant; Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder & CEO of Nosh Detox and Stine Dulong, lawyer turned Skandihus pottery brand founder.

See the full line-up 

*For Event Details and Registration, Click Here!



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