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Powerful Pressence Begins with Acute Self Awareness

Kristie Kennedy is a Licensed Image Enhancement Consultant and a Certified Women’s Worth and Wellness Expert, who provides confidence and clarity coaching to female leaders, executives and business owners who are exhausted from being the world’s best kept secret, ready to claim center stage as the leading lady of their own life, powerfully shift in mind and magnificently shine.

Kristie is a contributing writer for a wide range of online publications including, Black Life Coaches, Identity Magazine, Self-Growth, Ezine Expert Author, beauty columnist for Amoize women’s magazine and Publishing Editor of Magnificent Living Magazine.

In life, we are constantly bombarded with challenges, obstacles, and disappointments that create internal conflict. An undisciplined mind often caves in under the pressure of negative circumstances. Kristie Kennedy has beautifully scripted words of wisdom and affirmation from A to Z to empower dreamers, leaders, and entrepreneurs who have a massive desire to impact the world on their own terms.

For over twenty years she has used positive affirmations in her own life as a tool to rise above the pain of rejection, depression, job loss, financial deficits and severe health battles. As a result of cultivating a successful mindset, many of her peers deem her as the unstoppable butterfly. If you are ready to expand your mental capacity and ability to achieve more, Aim for Greatness is the perfect source of encouragement that will equip you to excel and endure.

Kristie’s Call to Action:
Give yourself grace to succeed
Give yourself grace to be fully loved and accepted as you are
Give yourself grace to make mistakes

Kristie is offering a 3-minute FREE coaching session to get you started on your road to greatness!

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